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They chose to have a homebirth because they wanted to avoid unnecessary medical interventions.As a lesbian couple, they were also worried about their relationship being questioned by hospital employees.We’re flesh and blood, we have real live bodies that are ours, and that hold and love our children. But reading the book was really worthwhile, and one of the things that struck me was the difference in a mom's experience when she had not had a breastfeeding relationship with her baby.I wanted our roles in caring for our baby to be defined as little as possible by who gave birth to him, and for us to be able to give the same kind of comfort to him.Despite having taken hormone replacement therapy and antiandrogens for 5 years, Sarah was still able to produce what she calls ‘baby-making ingredients’ following a six-month cessation of her medication.Trans women hoping to help make a little munchkin should note that it takes about three months for their gametes to grow and mature.There was a section that said "reproductive endocrinologist," which sounded just right.

Sarah explained to me that many doctors, endocrinologists and trans women erroneously believe that after taking antiandrogens and hormone replacement therapy for a relatively short period of time (depending on who you're talking to, they may say something between six months and two years), a trans woman will be permanently infertile, despite not having had 'bottom surgery'.In addition, this genetic material is very sensitive to heat and needs to develop away from the body, below core body temperature.A trans woman who usually ‘tucks’ will need to change how she dresses for a while to regain her fertility.Sarah's baby is now more than a year old and they still enjoy a wonderful breastfeeding relationship.I'll give a bit of background here on conception and then launch into our lactation interview.

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I modified the Newman/Goldfarb protocol for induced lactation a bit, since I was already taking hormones.